MTG Stables

"At MTG Stables the horses are our core business, mainly in the form of competitive competition. We breed some jumping horses but focus primarily on young horses from 4 years and up to horses that are at the Grand Prix level. The young horses compete in young horse championships, and they are delicately trained and developed.  Some are sold while others are retained for long-term production within the sport. We constantly strive to maintain a holistic approach in everything we do, everything from training, care, feeding and the stable environment. Our horses spend a lot of time outdoors, but a lot of their time is spent in the stables. Therefore, it is very important for us that we have a fresh and healthy indoor environment not only for the horses, but also for the staff. This is why we have chosen to use Qloss Stables products. The products give that little extra towards a good stable environment.”
- Carl-Walter Fox, Operations Manager and professional rider.

Equine Clinic

Helena Gunnarsson has been working as a veterinarian since 2001. She established her own practice in Staffanstorp in 2019. She has renovated the building in beautiful bright colours, plastered the walls, installed new horse stalls, created examination rooms and laid an asphalt floor. While renovating the walls, a lot of the plaster fell onto the floor and she quickly discovered that this was a big problem. Plaster is porous, just like an untreated concrete floor, which means it releases dust through any contact with it.

"We stirred up a cloud of dust every time we swept the room. No matter how much we swept, the particles of dust that were floating in the air settled on all the fixtures and equipment. We couldn’t use a room for an hour or so after it had been swept.

The difference is amazing. After treating the floor with Qloss Stable Stallgång, the air quality has improved greatly. Horses are very sensitive to dust and now, thanks to Qloss, we have a much better environment in the stables. It is also much easier to sweep the floor and keep it clean. Everyone at the clinic is a winner.
- Helena Gunnarsson, Helena Gunnarsson’s Equine Clinic

Eklunda Stud Farm

Eklunda Stud Farm in Örebro is a family business that has been built up and run by Lena and Benny Zeiloth over the past 35 years. Peder Zeiloth, who joined the farm team a few years ago, rides, trains and races the horses.

Eklunda Stud Farm works with stallions and insemination, imports semen, and trains, breeds and sells horses, mainly young ones. The well-known stallion Sir Oldenburg is stationed here.

"We built a new stallion stable at Eklunda Stud Farm in 2020. Because the stalls and aisles are swept several times a day, we had the floors treated with Qloss Stable Stallgång to ensure the air inside the stable would be healthy and dust-free for our valuable stallions. We are truly delighted with the results!"
- Lena Zeiloth, Eklunda Stud Farm


Bondskäret is a nature reserve on the east coast of Sweden north of Stockholm. Yvette Heimbrand lives on a farm there with her husband, two children and three Icelandic horses. 

Almost four years ago, the old barn and stables were razed to the ground by fire. A lovely new building now stands on the same site. The wide, concrete aisle has been treated with Qloss Stable Stallgång and other surfaces with Qloss Stable Magasin to provide maximum dust control and good air quality inside the stables. The family is planning to open a Horse and Rider Bed & Breakfast in one of the houses and the new stables for families who want to go on holiday with their horse.

“What an incredible difference Qloss Stable Stallgång and Magasin have made. Now when I sweep the floors of the aisles and other areas, the only dust is from the straw bedding in the stalls. It is wonderful to be rid of all that dust from the concrete floor!”
- Yvette Heimbrand, Bondskäret

Åbyhill Ponnyutveckling

Ida Svensson, who owns Åbyhill Ponnyutveckling in Skåne in southern Sweden, shares her experience of Qloss Stable products. Ida is a young business woman and her company provides a range of equestrian services, including breaking, re-schooling and selling of ponies.

“Like many other stables, ours has grooved concrete floors. That’s good because the horses almost never slip, but sweeping the floors is a nightmare. Before we applied Qloss Stable Stallgång, the amount of dust created made it impossible for the horses or anyone to be inside the stables while the floors were being swept. One of my horses also became hypersensitive to dust and developed a bad cough. There is no dust coming off the floor now that it has been coated and it is just as slip-resistant as before. I’m also delighted to say that my horse hasn’t coughed once since!”
- Ida Svensson, Åbyhill Ponnyutveckling

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