A few words about Qloss

Qloss was established in 1994 and has been operating in the construction and chemical engineering industry ever since. In the first decade, we manufactured, sold and marketed a wide portfolio of cement-based products based on our own formula. We have since overhauled our product offering and now focus exclusively on enhancing our surface finish product, Qloss Lacquer.

In addition to our own production we subcontract chemical products for a number of reputed clients. In our factory on Truckvägen 6 in Trelleborg, situated in a very good logistical location for onward transport to Europe, we perform all lacquer production and subcontracting.

My name is Anna and I’m the CEO of Qloss. I am passionate about innovation, playfulness and green solutions for a sustainable future. Here at Qloss, we are committed to creating construction products that will shape the communities of tomorrow. Future-proof products with a minimal footprint.

Product development and innovation are, and always have been, essential building blocks of our corporate culture. Each and everyone of us is engaged in the innovation process here at Qloss and that, I believe, is the key to success.

We are a production company in the chemical engineering industry with a passion for design, trends and building interiors.

Factory and order


Truckvägen 6
SE-231 62 Trelleborg


+46 (0)410 – 460 70 



Qloss AB | Norra Industrigatan 7 | 274 30 Skurup | Tfn: 0410 - 460 70