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The Qloss range currently consists of about 10 different products that we have developed ourselves, often in collaboration with customers who have said there is demand for them in the market.
So why have we developed a product for stables?

The fact is that several of us who work at Qloss spend a lot of our leisure time in stable environments and it’s because of the many hours of sweeping, brushing and sneezing in these stables that this product came about. What sparked the idea was a combination of wanting to spend fewer hours holding a broom and frustration over the amounts of dust that are produced in these environments.

Many stables, both old and new, almost invariably have untreated concrete floors. An untreated surface of a mineral substrate such as concrete, screed or brick has an open-pore surface and emits dust when ever friction occurs. The floor becomes difficult to keep clean and emits small dust particles that whirl around in the air. By applying Qloss Stable you get a dust-free stable floor, significantly improved air quality and an optimal stable environment for both animals and humans.

How does dust affect horses?
Invisible dust can be highly dangerous for both humans and horses. The minute particles of dust are breathed in and pass down into the lungs where they cause infections and allergic reactions. A stable may have extremely high concentrations of dust without us noticing it, which is hazardous for both humans and our four-legged friends.

The effects can be difficult to define but horses might exhibit a loss of energy and a decline in alertness and performance. The cause is often found in the airways, the heart and the musculoskeletal and gastrointestinal systems. Respiratory problems are a common cause of poor performance. Affected horses find it more difficult to breathe and take in oxygen. As a result, they will perform poorly. Breathing becomes more rapid to try to compensate for the lack of oxygen in the blood.

Elite athletes do not expose themselves to environments that might adversely affect their performance. They make sure that the environments in which they live and train contribute as positively as possible to their performance. Shouldn’t we ensure the same for our four-legged friends?

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