Qloss 3-layer protective coatings for mineral surfaces (floors), such as concrete and levelling compound (flowing screed), comprising Qloss Lacquer, Qloss Lacquer paint, Qloss Primer and Qloss 2-pack system, carry the CE mark to demonstrate conformity with the Swedish standard SS-EN 1504-2: Products and systems for the protection and repair of concrete structures. Part 2: Coating products for concrete in the 2+ system have been applied and the factory’s production control complies with prescribed requirements.

All Qloss lacquer and paint products are registered in the BASTA construction products database. This is the industry’s only independent environmental assessment system for building and construction products. BASTA’s requirements for chemical content are based on the European Union’s regulation for chemical safety (REACH). Inclusion in the BASTA database guarantees that the product is environmentally-friendly and future-proof and also gives access to all markets in the EU.

All Qloss lacquer and paint products are “Recommended” by the Swedish non-profit organisation “Byggvarubedömningen” which sets criteria for and conducts assessments of construction products and goods to enable environmentally-sound choices. The organisation is supported by Sweden’s largest real-estate owners and property developers.

All Qloss lacquer and paint products are registered in SundaHus. SundaHus offers property owners security, both today and in the future, through a wide range of services for environmentally-conscious material choices. SundaHus offers a web-based system and professional advice, making it a comprehensive solution for systematic efforts to phase out hazardous substances from the lifecycle of buildings.

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