Our main specialty is floor lacquer for mineral surfaces. Qloss Lacquer is produced using our own formula and boasts a unique combination of properties and environmentally-friendly qualities. It is water-based, open to diffusion and has high wear and tear resistance. These attributes make our lacquers especially suitable for high-footfall areas.

Qloss products are designed for use on mineral surfaces, such as concrete, screed, brick and plastered surfaces. They are ideal for heavy-duty floors and walls where surfaces need to be wear-and-tear resistant, impermeable and easy to clean.

Qloss surface finish products are water-based and open to diffusion, which means they allow moisture to be released. Since the product is open to diffusion, Qloss can be applied to newly-cast or newly-polished surfaces just a few hours after the surface has dried enough for it to receive a coating, provided that a high-quality industrial putty has been used.

Qloss Lacquer is ideal for use in industrial buildings, workshops, offices, warehouses, store rooms, laundry rooms, hospitals, schools, shops and many other areas. We recommend using our Qloss two-pack system (Qloss Lacquer + Qloss Hardener) for extremely heavy-traffic areas as this provides enhanced wear resistance and elasticity.

How about yellow, green, black or even Ferrari red? Qloss Lacquer can be mixed to almost any NCS colour. To make things simple, we have produced several colours that we know are suitable for floors. These include Limestone Grey, Olive Green, Sand and Bornholm Red. 

Please contact us for more information about our products and what we can do for you.

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