Make the world a slightly better place

Being part of community development and helping others less fortunate than ourselves is something we hold dear to our hearts here at Qloss. We are proud to support and contribute to the Hand in Hand Sweden charity organisation which uses the tools of entrepreneurship and education to help combat poverty in the most vulnerable regions of the world. The reason why people live in poverty is mostly because they are jobless and therefore unable to support themselves and their families. Quite simply, there are no jobs. So where will the new jobs come from?

Hand in Hand believes that the answer is small-scale, family-owned businesses that give free rein to entrepreneurship and the power of the individual to take action, enabling them to carve out a better life for their family. It is estimated that an entrepreneur (a business) can, on average, support a family of five. Since 2016, Qloss has set up 36 businesses thathave gone on to help some 180 or so people out of poverty. That’s something we’re all immenselyproud of and we’ll obviously continue to give our support.

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