Choose the right product

It is essential to use the right product to ensure the best finish. All Qloss products can be applied to all types of mineral surfaces. However, the products you should use and where you use them depends on the degree of durability required. If you are unsure about which product to choose, feel free to ask our advice.

We recommend Qloss Basic to protect floors and create a low-maintenance, dust-free environment during the construction phase, for example, or as a coating for parquet and floor mats. Qloss Basic is also an ideal choice for simple warehouses where chemical resistant flooring is not a crucial requirement.

This refers to areas that are not heavily used by forklift or pallet trucks, or where the floor is not exposed to aggressive chemicals. Warehouses, offices and other spaces where a dust-free, attractive and easy-to-clean permanent protective coating is required are examples of medium traffic areas. For such spaces we recommend using our lacquer system without hardener, which is Qloss Primer + Qloss Form (or Qloss Lacquer or Qloss Lacquer paint).

Surfaces that are exposed to forklift trucks and other heavy traffic require a tougher protective coating. We recommend using one of our products with Qloss Hardener which is mixed with the floor lacquer for use as the final coating. Industrial buildings, factories and large, busy warehouses are examples of areas with heavy traffic.

Floors in these spaces require a robust protective coating, sometimes as hard-wearing as factory floors. At home, our floors are subjected to a different type of stress and strain, like dogs’ claws, football boot studs, milky coffee and spilt wine. We therefore recommend using Qloss Hardener in the home too. This should be used in combination with one of our products as the final coating.

We have a product called Qloss Optimize for repairing and restoring vinyl flooring.

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