Åbyhill Ponnyutveckling

Ida Svensson, who owns Åbyhill Ponnyutveckling in Skåne in southern Sweden, shares her experience of Qloss Stable products. Ida is a young business woman and her company provides a range of equestrian services, including breaking, re-schooling and selling of ponies.

“Like many other stables, ours has grooved concrete floors. That’s good because the horses almost never slip, but sweeping the floors is a nightmare. Before we applied Qloss Stable Stallgång, the amount of dust created made it impossible for the horses or anyone to be inside the stables while the floors were being swept. One of my horses also became hypersensitive to dust and developed a bad cough. There is no dust coming off the floor now that it has been coated and it is just as slip-resistant as before. I’m also delighted to say that my horse hasn’t coughed once since!”

                                                          - Åbyhill Ponnyutveckling, Ida Svensson

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